SSL Channel indicator

SSL Channel indicator MT4 (with alert)

SSL Channel indicator MT4 is a combination of moving averages. The SSL stands for Semaphore Signal Level and provides visual Buy and Sell trading signals.

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Category: MT4 Indicators

Platform: Metatrader 4

Download link: At the end of the post.


The indicator provides BULLISH and BEARISH trend signals upon the crossover of the indicator lines. Forex traders using trend trading technical strategy will find it very beneficial.

SSL Channel indicator MT4 does not repaint

BUY: the GREEN line crosses over the RED line upwards.

SELL: the RED line crosses over the GREEN line downwards.

SSL Channel indicator MT4 can be used alone or in combination with other indicators to form a trading system. For best results, forex technical traders should combine other technical indicators.


SSL Channel indicator

Default setting

SSL Channel mt4

Download SSL Channel indicator MT4

Download Here

How To Install Custom MT4 Indicators On Mt4 (6 Simple Steps)

Step 1: Download The Indicator To Your Computer. Unzip (if any) to get .mq4 and/or .ex4 file

Step 2: Go To Your Mt4 Trading Platform And Click “Open Data Folder”

Step 3: Click open the “MQL4” folder

Step 4: Click Open the “Indicators” Folder

Step 5: Paste The Custom MT4 Indicator Into The “Indicators” Folder

Step 6: Close Your MT4 Trading Platform And Then Restart It

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