VWAP indicator MT4

VWAP indicator MT4 shows VWAP line. VAWP (Volume Weighted Average Price) is a computation of the average price of a certain tradeable security or commodity. Much like a moving average, it also computes for the average price.

The difference is that VWAP takes volume into account, unlike moving averages, which only computes averages based on historical price.

tag: VWAP

Platform: Metatrader 4

Download link: At the end of the post.



Red line: VWAP

Green line: EMA 20


Input set up



Download VWAP indicator MT4 for free

Download Here

How To Install Custom MT4 Indicators On Mt4 (6 Simple Steps)

Step 1: Download The Indicator To Your Computer

Step 2: Go To Your Mt4 Trading Platform And Click “Open Data Folder”

Step 3: Click open the “MQL4” folder

Step 4: Click Open the “Indicators” Folder

Step 5: Paste The Custom MT4 Indicator Into The “Indicators” Folder

Step 6: Close Your MT4 Trading Platform And Then Restart It

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